B2. Korean Fried Chicken – 닭강정 (hl)

 11,25 incl. BTW

Come experience the legendary Korean Fried Chicken! Double-fried to golden perfection, then generously smothered in our signature sauce, every bite comes with an explosion of flavours and texture.

But here’s where the fun really starts – we’ve got a saucy lineup that’ll make your taste buds do the chicken dance. From the sweet and savory “Honey Butter” to the irresistibly tasty “Soy Garlic.” Brave souls can take on the fiery challenge of our “Spicy Gochujang” sauce. And for those craving a refreshing twist, we’ve got “Lemon Basil” inspired by Italian spices, “Ginger Orange” with Southeast Asian flair, and the creamy goodness of “Cream Onion” sauce. Our fusion touch ensures there’s a sauce to suit every palate.

If you want a bigger size to share or mix two flavours, upgrade your plate to a “Mixed Plate”.

Dive in and discover why our Korean fried chicken is more attractive than the Kentucky one!

Quantity: 7-8 pieces

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Egg- eg

Crustaceans- cr

Fish- fi

Milk- mi

Peanuts- pe

Halal- hl

Spicy- sp

Vegan- v

Vegetarian- ve

Special notes:

We serve “Halal-Certified “ chicken and beef.

We use soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt, corn syrup, and Korean spices for our foods.

Meals request:

Our toppings include: mayonaise, chilli gochujang, sesame seed, peanuts, seaweed, fried onion.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience, we kindly request that you inform our staff of any allergies you may have. We will try to provide guidance and to accommodate your dietary needs to the best of our ability.


맛있게 드세요!

(ma-sit-kke deu-se-yo)

“Please enjoy your food!