Our Story

Mamabowls was founded in June 2020 during the pandemic. At that time, Korean cuisine was not widely known among people in the Netherlands. It was challenging to find affordable Korean food in the Gelderland area as most Korean restaurants were situated in Randstad.

The pandemic poses its own set of challenges – social distancing guidelines limit seating capacity, and many customers are hesitant to dine out. Undeterred, we adapt by offering takeout and delivery services, ensuring that customers can savor the delicious flavors of Korea from the comfort of their homes.

In the cramped quarters of a minuscule 7m2 kitchen space, Mamabowls quickly garnered love and support from the local community despite setbacks and moments of doubt along the way. It soon became evident that expansion was necessary, and during the summer of 2021, we stumbled upon a perfect site in Arnhem for our very first physical restaurant.

Following a month of refurbishment, the Arnhem eatery was unveiled. Regrettably, a second lockdown swiftly ensued and caused a setback for the enterprise, impacting profits in the initial quarter of 2021. We persevered in our belief in our distinctive and exceptional recipes, striving tirelessly and employing various strategies to navigate unanticipated challenges.

Fortunately, 2022 was a turning point as the lockdown restrictions in the Netherlands were lifted. In August 2022, we triumphantly returned to our origins in Wageningen with the successful establishment of our second site, while the first location in Arnhem continued to flourish. The team grew from a humble 4 staff members in 2020 to 8 in 2021, and an impressive 16 by 2022.

Mamabowls experienced exponential growth, achieving three prestigious accolades in the first year alone, as well as receiving countless glowing reviews and being featured in local magazines and travel books such as Mooncake’s Choice, Restaurant Guru, Nederlandse Horeca Prijzen.

Meet “Mama” Trang

A “Dutch-Hanoian” and a vegetarian, who   spent seven years in the dynamic world of Data and Media Tech. She is driven by an unwavering passion for food, particularly Korean cuisine. Her journey unfolds as she dares to turn her culinary dream into a reality by launching her very own Korean restaurant in the Netherlands. She believes that for those who dare to chase their dreams, with courage and perseverance, anything is possible.

Meet “Mama” Shantya

An Indonesian, graduated from Wageningen University specialised in Food Innovation management because of her passion for food business. She is in love and having long-term relationship with Korean Fried chicken that led her finding Trang and Mamabowls. She also enjoys baking and making cute cakes.

Our Mission










At the heart of our mission lies the noble quest to make our guests feel like they’ve stumbled into their own house, to cultivate a warm and inviting environment that making every one of you feel at home. Our menu is like a patchwork quilt of Korean soul food with a fusion twist, because let’s face it, we don’t want your taste buds to get bored, and neither do you! We’re on a relentless pursuit of excellence, hoping to become that place where you tell your friends, ‘I don’t just eat here; I take my taste buds to a Korean home’ – 어서 오세요.

Our vision? It’s simple – we want to be the go-to destination for anyone looking to satisfy their cravings with a side of laughter and good company. Through our innovative fusion creations, we aim to bring people together, and who knows, maybe even spark some international culinary diplomacy along the way. After all, we firmly believe that food is the universal language, and we’re here to prove that we can cook up a storm with a pinch of humor and a heaping spoonful of passion. And just like our “hello! How are you?”  to all our guest “밥 먹었어요?/ Have you eaten, yet?”, as we’re on a mission to ensure nobody leaves home with a rumbling tummy.










Our Values

At Mamabowls, we’ve transformed ourselves into a bustling playground of Korean culinary awesomeness- 존맛탱.

Our dining room? Oh, it’s not just a room; it’s a portal to a flavor party.

Our staff? Well, they’re not just knowledgeable; they’re young, humour and caring, just like your siblings.

Now, we’re not your run-of-the-mill restaurant. We’re the cool kid on the block, a casual Flexitarian joint that speaks the language of both meat-lovers and vegetarians. In fact, 90% of our menu is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, because who says veggies can’t party too?

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just about filling bellies; we’re on a mission. We want to inspire you to ditch the meat sometimes, embrace your inner herbivore, and make eco-friendly choices for our furry friends and the planet. At Mamabowls, we’re not just a restaurant; we’re a movement, a force of nature, a culinary revolution.

Oh, and here’s the secret sauce: Happy people serve happy foods. That’s why we’re an ideal workplace for our amazing employees. Because when the folks behind the scenes are grinning ear to ear, you can bet your Korean Fried Chicken, your meal will be served with an extra sprinkle of joy. Unless they are a bit spicy on the day, sorry, your TTekbokki can be a bit “Too Hot to Handle”. We believe we are sharing the same love language – FOOD. Love ya’all !

Our staff motto: “Bringing Food and Fun Together, One Plate at a Time!”

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