C4. Korean Bibimbap – 비빔밥

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Bibimbap (비빔밥) is a classic Korean dish known for its colourful presentation and an enticing mix of flavours and textures. This iconic dish harmoniously blends steamed rice with an assortment of sautéed vegetables, your preferred topping and finished with a spicy kick of gochujang sauce.

To enjoy bibimbap, you mix gochujang sauce with all these ingredients together in the bowl before eating, ensuring that the rice, vegetables, protein, and sauce are thoroughly combined. This mixing process is what gives bibimbap its “mixed rice” name and is an integral part of the dining experience.

Small tips: for those who love a twist of Western fusion, add mayonnaise to the mix. For those who love traditional flavour, add kimchi to your bowl. Bibimbap can be served as hot dish or even cold dish.

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Egg- eg

Crustaceans- cr

Fish- fi

Milk- mi

Peanuts- pe

Halal- hl

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Special notes:

We serve “Halal-Certified “ chicken and beef.

We use soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt, corn syrup, and Korean spices for our foods.

Meals request:

Our toppings include: mayonaise, chilli gochujang, sesame seed, peanuts, seaweed, fried onion.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience, we kindly request that you inform our staff of any allergies you may have. We will try to provide guidance and to accommodate your dietary needs to the best of our ability.


맛있게 드세요!

(ma-sit-kke deu-se-yo)

“Please enjoy your food!