Cocopalm Great Grape- 코코팜

 3,50 incl. BTW

Grape soda is a beloved classic, perfect for cooling down on warm days or as a nostalgic treat that takes you back to childhood. Whether served ice-cold from a frosty glass or enjoyed as a mixer in creative cocktails, this fizzy grape concoction offers a burst of fruity delight that appeals to all ages with bits of grape flavoured coconut jelly.

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Allergy Code


Egg- eg

Crustaceans- cr

Fish- fi

Milk- mi

Peanuts- pe

Halal- hl

Spicy- sp

Vegan- v

Vegetarian- ve

Special notes:

We serve “Halal-Certified “ chicken and beef.

We use soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt, corn syrup, and Korean spices for our foods.

Meals request:

Our toppings include: mayonaise, chilli gochujang, sesame seed, peanuts, seaweed, fried onion.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience, we kindly request that you inform our staff of any allergies you may have. We will try to provide guidance and to accommodate your dietary needs to the best of our ability.


맛있게 드세요!

(ma-sit-kke deu-se-yo)

“Please enjoy your food!